Personalized Pacifiers

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En Lullaby BebéWe offer our clients a selection where you can buy your personalized pacifier holder with the baby's name made of silicone.

These named pacifier holders, in addition to being very original, also have the function of teethers. During the breastfeeding stage of the baby it is very important to use them. Aside from relieving teething pains, wearing a silicone pacifier greatly stimulates your senses and attracts your attention. Thus enhancing the brain functions of our little one.

In addition to their use during breastfeeding, pacifier holders also play an important role when our little ones get a little bigger. For example, in nurseries or playgrounds it is recommended to use it as a pacifier holder. In addition to making their loss more difficult, it avoids confusion with those of other children, thus minimizing hygiene problems.

Lullaby Bebé always bets on the quality of its products. Consequently all our personalized silicone pacifier holders with the baby's name. They are certified and manufactured under the highest quality standards. Handcrafted with love but complying with European regulations. Therefore, all parts are made of organic and hypoallergenic food silicone. Free of BPA and other toxic materials.

All pacifier holders come in an original gift box from LullabyBaby. Also, if you need to complete your gift even more, you can do so by buying one of our silicone teethers or with one of our custom pacifiers with the baby's name.