Silicone Baby Teethers

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Silicone teethers are very important for Baby in the teething stage.

Between 5 and 12 months where their first teeth appear, although on some occasions this period can be advanced one or two months.

These silicone elements, apart from preventing other objects from being put into their mouths, help our little ones by relieving gum pain since they are soothed by biting.

Apart from its use as a toy, it also does a great job as a sensitive visual and touch stimulus.

Our silicone teethers, due to their materials and shapes, are designed to achieve maximum relief.

Also, if we previously refrigerate the teether, we will maximize its effectiveness even more.

It is important to be careful when cleaning it and avoid contact with the ground or toxic substances at all times.

To prevent contact with the ground, it is advisable to purchase it together with a chupetero o wooden chain.