Personalized Backpacks and Bags for the nursery.

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Personalized baby backpacks and children's bags with names for the nursery.

Personalized baby backpacks, personalized infant bags for the nursery with the baby's name and cloth bags for snacks, boy or girl models.

It is time for your little one to start kindergarten and it is important that you prepare the little things well so that he does not miss anything!

As we know very well, it is essential to have everything marked with the name so that nothing is lost or confused as well as to guarantee hygiene.

In addition to custom backpacks where you can store larger items. It is also important to carry a sack with string, sack or bag to separate the food from them.

En Lullaby Bebé we have complete packs nursery cards with everything you need to be the first of the class!

If you prefer to make it yourself, we will help you with some essential things for school or nursery that will probably be very useful:

Our personalized backpacks for nursery and personalized bags, duffel bags, sacks and snack bags. They are made of fabric or leather - leatherette with the children's designs that most like. They are also perfect for storing your change of clothes, snacks, and other things. As they are embroidered with the name of the child or baby, we will prevent them from being confused or lost at school or at nursery.

En Lullaby Bebé We are here to help you. If you have any questions or need any advice, you can contact contact with us and we will be happy to advise you.