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Hello!  I'm Andrea, a double mom, a doctor and the main founder of Lullaby Bebé.

It all started during my second pregnancy and since I became a new mother, I have always been concerned about what babies put in their mouths, thinking mainly about their health and the damage that many of the products that Although approved, they contain substances as harmful as BPA, for example, toxic even in very small amounts.

My passion for health, well-being and the world of children, added to having grown up in a family with childcare establishments open to the public for so many years, were the promoters of a new project that in its beginnings consisted mainly of the elaboration of a range of pacifiers, teethers and other completely safe and non-toxic food silicone products for the baby.

After having acquired knowledge in the sector, we have decided to progressively expand with other personalized and original children's articles and gifts, all of them carefully selected. I do not want to be the creator of another online website, but of the website in which my clients feel safe knowing that all my articles are of quality and, above all, of total safety for the little people who matter most to us.  

I put at your disposal and that of all my clients a form so that you can ask me directly any doubt or question that may arise.

I hope you like my project!

All the best


        Malaga, Spain)

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